People Empowering People (PEP) is a consumer-driven-and-run resource and self-help center for Napa County adult mental health consumers. PEP services promote empowerment, wellness and recovery, continuing education, and independent thinking in a comfortable, safe and compassionate environment.

Our Self Help Center is run by and for Napa County Adult Mental Health Consumers. PEP_members_group_photo
A few of our more than 165-and-growing members at our new location and home, at 3281 Solano Ave., Napa, CA 94558

Our New Location

PEP new location

PEP’s new home is made up of two separate units. Both units will be completely renovated to exhibit the state of the art in interior and exterior architectural design. The sizes of the two units are 1,688 square feet and 997 square feet. The entire center will have central heat and air conditioning and will have two rest rooms.

We imagine walking into the 1st unit, and instantly feeling the welcoming warmth of our new “Home”. It has a large gorgeous fireplace that separates the greeter’s room from our enormous, gourmet kitchen.  Our kitchen will include two refrigerators, two ovens, an area for hands-on teaching of cooking, and many other amenities. The remainder of this unit will contain three offices. One of the offices will be used as a group meeting space.

As you leave the main unit through its backdoor, you will see a built-in BBQ, which we plan to use frequently. The backyard is spacious – perfect for playing outdoor games or just enjoying the sun! Our backyard has raised wooden planters, in which we will grow vegetables throughout the year.

The second unit is where most group activities and socials/dances will be held. Plus, it will house our art studio, in addition to our computer lab.

A grocery store is within walking distance, as is public transportation.

We are looking forward to the expanded facilities of the new location of PEP. It is our hope that the new center will feel like “home” immediately and a place in which everyone who comes will also want to make it their “Home”. 


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