Internship Opportunities

PEP offers pre-vocational intern positions that provide the opportunity to develop work skills. We teach skills that one needs on a job, such as: being on time, working with others, and basic office essentials. Many people seek these opportunities as a way of transitioning into the work world.

We have internships that are 6-12 months in length, and the volunteers in these positions receive a monthly stipend to help them to cover their costs of food and transportation. Supervision is provided weekly to help instruct and review performance, and support is given to assist in growing in the position.

Other volunteers are for a specific task (for example: cleaning our refrigerator or our meeting room, going shopping for groceries or serving lunches to consumers, etc.). These volunteers have been paid a specified stipend, but because of lack of funding we are currently unable to do this.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer intern, please visit PEP and ask to speak with one of our Center